197046, St. Peterburg,
Petrogradskaya naberegnaya 20 (А)
Fon.: +7 (812) 777-77-99

A two-level office with a panoramic view of the Neva River, located on the 7th and 8th floor
VEDA HOUSE business center.

Area 639.4 sq.m .:
Level 1 - 467.20 sq.m. (Including a corridor and bathroom. Guard units)
2nd level - 172.2 sq.m.

The room has a cabinet layout and is offered in a "clean" finish:
On the floor is laid laminate floor. Mounted ceiling "Armstrong" type ceiling lights. Produced electrical wiring, IT systems, installed socket. San. units are fully equipped. ventilation and air conditioning systems are installed and ready for operation. All rooms are equipped with existing security and access control systems, fire suppression, and speakerphone.

Some species of facade glazing made of armored glass.

A two-level office is equipped with a local passenger elevator (between levels 7 and 8 floors), except that one of the elevators business center, leading to the "Penthouse", equipped with the function "priority call right," ie, at the time of finding it Lessee "Penthouse" is a movement without a stop on other floors.
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